Angry Americana Ardor – Discover The New Album ‘SHALLOW GRAVES’ By Songstress INDIA RAMEY

10 September 2020

Artist: India Ramey
Who: A Nashville-based singer/songwriter with strong
alternative, country, bluegrass and blues influences.

Album: Shallow Graves
Released: 4th September 2020
Info: “The album off with a shudder of woozy, western guitar, sounding as much like the soundtrack to some long-lost cowboy epic as the follow-up to Ramey’s critically- acclaimed national debut, Snake Handler. Progressive, gritty, and darkly cinematic, this is a rec- ord inspired by the turbulent present, stockpiled with songs that take aim at the liars, leaders,
and hypocrites among us. Ramey calls it her “post-apocalyptic western,” and she fills the album’s track list with plenty of fury and alt-country firepower to match.

Ramey says: “This album speaks out against corruption and hypocrisy and there are a lot of people these days who feel they hold a moral high ground and throw around things like religion to maintain their position of power. I chose this Hank Williams song to punctuate this album with the questions he’s asking. At the end of your days, can you really say you were good? Did you do the just and moral thing? Did you?”

Key lines: “Everytime I read the news/oh, it’s clear we’re all screwed.”India

Key tracks: Shallow Graves / Up To No Good / Debutante Ball /
Hole In The World / Angel Of Death
(Hank Williamns cover)


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