Black American People Are Scared – Passionate Noise Rockers ERIIS Share Terribly Relevant Clip For Striking Single ‘TULSA’

Clips that impress eyes and ears

10 September 2020

Last month all female ardent rockers trio ERIIS launched
their jaw-dropping debut single ‘TULSA RIOTS‘.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “ERIIS is the new, collaborative musical project of three Belgium based passion-rock ladies, Laura Lee Schultz, Naomi Sijmons and Mirabelle Van
De Put.
Their mantra is Chaos, Strife And Discord, their sound is as monumental as the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris (before the fire) and their debut single is nothing less than awesome.”

The tremendously affecting song is about the shocking Tulsa Race Riots that occurred
in 1921 in Oklahoma City where thousands of black people were molested by white trash racists.

A story told from the perspective of a resident who sheltered a black family during the massacre. “They were cold and desolate, I saw them bathe in blood, bathe in blood blisters. Nowhere to go I gave them bread and sheets to rest. Praying on their beds.”

The band just shared a breathtaking clip, terribly relevant again today. Contrary to
what that hate-preaching monkey in the White House says we all know that there’s
a deep-rooted racism in the Divided States of America from the very day that country
was founded.

Black People in America are scared today” said basketball star Lebron James recently.
It’s fucking 2020 and coward killings of black people still happen. DISGUSTING!

Watch the clip right here. The visuals speak for themselves, loud and clear…

ERIIS: Facebook

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