Country Passion & Groovy Blues – Discover New Album ‘RECKLESS’ By Vivacious Voice MISS MOLLY SIMMS

16 September 2020

Who: Glowing singer/songwriter who came to prominence as the leader of Bible Belt Sinners, a fun and flashy Midwest rockabilly band, started a successful solo career three albums ago (check her Spotify page) with a wider stylistic range. Known for her roughneck operatic voice which packs a lungful of dusty soul and straight-shooting lyrics, her music feels equally at home either hitchhiking across the windswept Texas Panhandle or boot-stomping in a greaser’s roadhouse in Detroit.

Info: The new LP boasts 10 original tracks acting as a heartfelt road trip through the rustic struggles of a working class prodigal. The familiar sights pass by: love, loss, drinking, dying. But Molly navigates this age-old, blues/country terrain with a rock ’n’ roll beat, revealing both a hard-worn grace and a lonely courage beyond her years.

Keywords: Bonnie Raitt’s electric drive / Brittany Howard’s vocal passion / Motown’s sensual soul horns / Sassy sax steam / Rollicking tunes / Different moods, different
sounds / Once upon a time in the West colors / Real life stories / VOICE!

Key tracks: All

Press play here…



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