Blazing Bulldozer Drones – STRUGGLES WITH SYNTAX Dropped Brain-Breaker ‘LAND BASED ANTICS’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Hardcore junks STRUGGLES WITH SYNTAX have been around for some time
now, on and off, making tons of DIY noise on London’s live scene. Their record
label Muzai Records will bombard us with their UK Garage Floor Fillers Vol. 4
on 2nd October.

And SWS are the first to share a track. “With sharp-tongued, sardonic vocals akin
to Future Of The Left and a melody that has had many of us return to Relationship Of Command era At The Drive-In.”
says the label. Sounds pretty a.w.e.s.o.m.e to
my hungry ears.

And damn right. LAND BASED ANTICS is a rage against the machine motherrocker,
a smash and clash crossover stormer, a nasty rap brain-breaker challenging you to
bang your head against the wall while pulling your hair out. Somewhere in the middle, they lift their feet from the gas pedal for about ten seconds before continuing their
barbed wire ride with spit and sneer force like a hot rod on the run. Hell yeah!

Crush your lockdown demons
with this fierce hammer blow…

SWS: Facebook

Check also their latest EPs. Struggles With Syntax One (2018) and (2019)

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