Struggle For Life – THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA Stun With New Ominous Monologue ‘DEUS EX MACHINA’

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19 September 2020

Only last week Turn Up The Volume‘s ears got totally impressed when discovering Apocalypse Now bombshell called Psychopath’s Monologue by enigmatic duo
THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA featuring Andrea Papi (music composition, keyboard, electric bass, guitar) and Daphne Ang (lyricist and vocals).

Without a shout of a doubt my most intriguing find of the year. Combining ancient
spoken-word poetry and a king-sized metallic resonance you just can’t be puzzled.

Their new tenebrific single DEUS EX MACHINA, inspired by Shakespearean sonnets
and the lyrical poetry of Ancient Greece, tells the story of Oedipus Rex and man’s
perennial struggle between fate and free will.

It’s another stunning piece of ominous sound and vision. Ang‘s haunting sermon is surrounded by a wall-of-hellish-rollercoaster sound. Black Sabbath drones propelled
by bewildering guitars going forth and back, moving in mysterious ways. Fascinating!

Listen/watch here…


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