Bonnie And Clyde Psychedelia – 10th Album ‘THE CHAIN’ By L.A. Band THE WARLOCKS

24 September 2020

Band: THE WARLOCKS (Los Angeles)
Active: Since 1998
Album: THE CHAIN – 10th longplayer
Key references: Grateful Dead, Spiritualized, Velvet
Underground, All Them Witches, The Black Angels,
Released: 3 April 2020

Bobby Hecksher (founder/songwriter/guitarist): “It’s creamy, dreamy,
glass breaking-style storytelling.”

Cleopatra Records: This ambitious album tells a single story, of two star-crossed lovers who commit a bank heist together, over the course of 10 gorgeous, dense layered guitar tracks spiced with keyboards and reinforced with powerful bass and percussion grooves!

The Band after more than 20 years: We are still having just as much fun as when we started. A little wiser, more responsible perhaps but still the same old us in one way or another. It’s quite a feat when bands seem to break up left and right these days.

: “We don’t need no money, we don’t need no soul
We don’t need anybody, as long as we got rock and roll

Turn Up The Volume: “Never underestimate the heart and
commitment of a caring, genuine long-time rock ‘n’ roll band.”

The Aquarian Weekly: “Compared to the Warlocks off-the-cuff, acid-soaked earlier albums, The Chain doesn’t so much represent a departure in sound as it does reflect the maturation
of Hecksher as an artist and songwriter… Partially rooted in a screenplay Hecksher had written about a bank robbery gone wrong—and the conflicting consequences which the main protagonists, Rocky and Diamond, face in the wake of the heist…

The Chain is a meditation on the criminal justice system, particularly how the disparity between the haves and the have-nots is blatantly displayed within an institution where the equity of penalty is pushed aside for those who can buy their way to freedom… The Chain resonates with vivid imagery, evoking the sense of a cinematic societal critique, set amid a soundtrack of oozing, shoegaze-infused neo-psychedelia. Blessed still are the trip-takers, for sure. Only now, The Warlocks are vibrating from the new-found theoretical value of Hecksher’s songwriting.” – Full review here.

Turn Up The Volume: “Never underestimate the heart and the
commitment of a caring, genuine, long-time rock ‘n’ roll band.”

Singles: I’m Not Good Enough / Party Like We Used To



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