Blissful Dream Pop Magnificence – Hear New Single ‘KNOWN TO FALL’ By By Melbourne Trio HYLA

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Band: HYLA (Australia)

Who: Pulling influences from dream pop, garage and shoegaze, Hyla is a project
formed by Alex Hayes. They produce a swirl of fuzzed-out guitars, layered melodic
vocals, and a sound that is at once fresh and nostalgic.

Influences: My Bloody Valentine, The Verve,
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ty Segall, BRMC

Pick: KNOWN TO FALL – newest single from their upcoming LP

Score: Oh, this is blissful and entrancing music. Combine the ambient shoegaze
poppiness of Slowdive and the foggy amplified melodiousness of Ride and you
will catch my rapturous drift. ‘Known To Fall’ takes you on a melancholic 4-minute
mixed emotions trip.

Beautifully orchestrated, stylishly multi-layered, colored with musing vocals and that ongoing guitar riff keeps ringing in your head-in-the-clouds long after this wonderful
gem came to an end. Think of a glimmering rainbow up there in the sky. You can’t stop watching its brightness, just like you can’t stop listening to this sonic magnificence.


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