German Hi-Tech Krautwerk – Open Your Mind For ‘ARDOR’ By FLYING MOON IN SPACE

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 September 2020


Who: A seven-piece band from Leipzig, Germany producing a shape-shifting blend of driving Krautrock aesthetics, vivid psychedelic pop and techno-indebted electronics.

Pick: ARDOR – new single from upcoming debut LP, out 4 December via Fuzz Club

Score: Germany has a long, rich history of transcendent electronic music. Tangerine
Dream, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can,
and Neu! are all legendary German acts in the
world of high-tech Krautrock and spellbinding synthesizer psychedelia.

Flying Moon In Space is definitely following into the giant footsteps of these cosmic protagonists. ‘Ardor’ is a hypnotic escapade centered around a never-ending pulsating synth beat that boggles your mind from the very start to the nightmarish finale. A most fitting trip to forget the bizarre corona reality we experience, for a while. An effervescent exploit that adrenalizes your confused spirit. A vibrating relief in these science-fiction-like mouth mask times.

Enter space here…


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