Talking About Their Generation – Get On A High With SANDCASTLE JESUS And Their Newest Stroke ‘BOMBSHELLS’

2 October 2020

(promo press photo via band)


Who: Four young wolves from Essex, England

Track: BOMBSHELLS – newest single

Score: From the very tingling intro chords you instantly feel that a stupendous tune is coming your way. Oh yeah, game on, definitely. And what actually follows is an alive and kicking guitar pop ripsnorter that puts a big smile on your glowing face, activates your adrenalin’s production, triggers your body movements, and makes you just feel ecstatic.

And when the overwhelming finale kicks in its crystal clear that you will not put this generation down. One spin and you’ll want some more bombshells causing a new high. Talking about a 2020 top stroke!

Here’s why…

SANDCASTLE JESUS: Facebook – Spotify

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