Save Them Immediately – Flabbergasting Pop With New Single ‘DELETE US FOREVER’ By AVA IN THE DARK

Big stunners that make Turn Up The Volume scream…

6 October 2020


Who: A Leeds Indie Pop band where angelic vocals meet experimental
guitar, punchy drums, shimmering synths and fuzzy bass lines.

Track: DELETE THEM FOREVER – new single

Score: Great pop music starts with a great tune. And that’s what ‘Delete Us Forever
is about. A swirling synth drive, a sickly sticky beat, a fab guitar solo and superlative
vocals. Superb singer Kiera Bickerstaff ‘s voice goes through the roof and then sky-high
to the moon when the flabbergasting chorus kicks in. One word: WOW! If your blood doesn’t boil here, fire your doctor, change your meds and come back.

Don’t delete this band. Save them right now, like them, love them, embrace them, share them with your friends. Listen to Ava In The Dark on repeat in your bedroom, in your car, in your favorite pub, just everywhere, and you’ll smile all day long.

Press play and jump up and down…


Also on Spotify


(image on top via artist)

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