THE KILLS Share Demo Of Unreleased Song ‘RAISE ME’ From Upcoming B-Sides And Rarities Collection

New sonic impulses

6 October 2020

One of my all-time favorite bands THE KILLS – hello, Alison – announced
the release of a career-spanning B-sides/rarities collection, including also
covers and stray-runoffs, on 11th December. Pre-order facilities here.

It’s called LITTLE BASTARDS which was actually the nickname for the drum
machine they used in the early days. “It was a Roland 880 which isn’t strictly a
drum machine. It’s a sequencer, and an eight-track recorder, with its own drum
machine built in, and that’s what we’d record all our beats on”
says Jamie Hince.

One of the tracks is a demo of RAISE ME, a song written in 2009
and previously unreleased. A bluesy vintage The Kills stopmper.

Here we go…

THE KILLS: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume! Paradiso Club, Amsterdam)


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