SARAH MARY CHADWICK Shares Video Clip For Ardent Highlight ‘LET’S FIGHT’ From Newest Album

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

Early this year New-Zealand singer/songwriter SARAH MARY CHADWICK
released her emotive new album Please Daddy .

Turn Up The Volume was totally impressed: “It’s a very long time since I heard sadness, grief, distress, sorrow, vulnerability and insecurity sound so heartbreaking and so magnificent at the same time. Chadwick‘s voice is just overwhelming and her awe-inspiring mixed emotions songs (all ballads, except the upbeat ‘Let’s Fight‘) have the same profound impact as Nick Cave‘s most heavyhearted reveries. If you feel down, melancholic and alone than ‘Please Daddy‘ will be a comforting companion.”

Now she dropped a video clip for one of the shining highlights, the only uptempo one. LET’S FIGHT is a terrifically catching humdinger, you want on repeat before it’s over.

“This song was written when I was so fucked up I just wanted to fight until someone cried, somehow to feel better. I’m very slowly learning not to.” says Chadwick.

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