Move Over BONO Here’s N.O.A.H With Their Blissful Debut Single ‘SHINE’

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13 October 2020

Band: N.O.A.H

Who: Indie trio formed in January 2020 in Dublin, Ireland after the band decided
to reform a previous musical endeavor. The band has taken inspiration in its naming,
from the biblical story of ‘Noah and the Ark’, which is centralised around the theme of
new beginnings. This idea is fundamental to the band’s vision and core values.

Pick: SHINE – the debut single
“The tale of a journey, one which we must all have to make at one point or another in
our lifetime. Sometimes we do not know where we are going, but ultimately, deep down,
we know something greater and more powerful is guiding our way. In a similar vein, the
band is prepared to go the distance and fulfill their hopes and dreams.”

Score: Talking about entering the music scene by the great golden gate! Shine has
that powerful grandeur, that euphonic richness, and that monumental magnitude
of U2’s stadium rock sound, their world-famous countrymen. No, I’m not high and I’m
not drunk. This is a 24-Carat gold debut. A fabulous jim-dandy. If this is a taster of what this fresh starting trio is capable of then Bono should step aside and give the torch to this new generation.

Unos, dos, tres, catorce
Turn it up loud, captain

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(photo on top via PR-agency of NOAH)

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