The Sound Of Sincere Silence – Self-Titled Debut EP By British Trio IN EARNEST

New sonic impulses

14 October 2020

IN EARNEST is a heartrending indie trio formed in 2019 in Southend-on-Sea, UK fuelled
by the songwriting of front-couple Sarah and Thomas. Last week their self-titled 6-track debut EP saw the day of light, with songs that could have been torn straight from the band’s personal diaries.

The EP is a 6-track exploration of mental illness, nostalgia and hope vs hopelessness.

The band’s intention is to create meaningful art and unflinchingly honest lyricism:
“We want listeners to connect, to feel something – our aim is to encourage discussion around difficult topics like mental illness. By sharing our experiences we hope to provoke thought and inspire others to start conversations as a result of our music.”

Kudos to these young musicians. It’s really a bold choice to make music about unpopular topics such as mental health problems. Having had mind-crushing psychological issues myself for years I know, unfortunately, too well what a hell it is to go through it all. I always chose to shield myself from the outside world in the dark hours because at first, you have no idea what actually happens and why, so I didn’t want to bother anybody with feelings and thoughts that I couldn’t understand myself. But I also met many people who truly needed/need to tell their painful story to people who had/have the same problems. There’s not just only one way nor a perfect way to handle psychological disturbances.

In Earnest is a band that tries to soften the state of their own troubled minds with music coming straight from their hearts and their souls, like so many troubled artists did before – Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith Matt Berninger, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey to name just a few – and so many artists do now and will do in the future because mental illness is universal, of all times and so hard to cope with.

The sound of sincere silence…

IN EARNEST: Facebook

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