Rock Icon ROBERT PLANT Digs Deep In His Post LED ZEPPELIN Career

15 October 2020

Released: 2 October 2020

Info: A compilation album with the songs assembled as a companion to his
series ‘Digging Deep With Robert Plant Podcast‘ exploring the composition
and recording of hits, album tracks, and previously unreleased songs throughout
his solo career.

Robert Plant: “It’s certainly not a ‘best of’. The songs have been lying side-by-side with their old comrades for 20 years, 30 years. How are they going to feel when they come face-to-face with something 20 years younger? Putting something from 1982 with a song from 2006, or putting a Band of Joy track next to an enlarged emotional moment from Rockfield Studios, from that to Peter Gabriel’s place. All very different crew members, different participants… and so then it all takes on a whole different personality when t’s a new bedfellow lying on each side of it. So, the context is crazy. It’s a mind bomb, really. And sometimes it’s like a real curve. As is the journey.” Full Spin interview here.

One huge track is missing in this compilation.
Plant‘s magical cover of Tim Buckley breathtaking
beauty Song To The Siren (1970)…


Sit down, relax, enjoy and
dig deep – 30 songs…


(photo in the middle: solo LP artwork / Live photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

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