Dance Till You Drop – THE NEW POLLUTION Shakes You Down With Debut EP

20 October 2020

Who: A band from New York/Worcester. This sparkling
trio combines groove, punk, psychedelic music, pop,
and atmospheric sounds.

Info: This extended play is the culmination of many shades of musical history from
the 1960s up until the present. New Pollution’s ambiguous blend of genre and styles
takes a front seat here, with tracks ranging from dance floor shakers to Glam rock snottiness. Lyrically, each track on the record explores some elements of modernism, group identity, and artistic frustration. With influences ranging from ESG to Herbie Hancock.

Key references: PiL / Gang Of Four / Talking World Music Heads / The Rapture /
A Certain Ratio / Wire / The Mekons and Sonic Youth

Expect: funky punky injections with clashing guitars, manic bass lines, organ-ic
electronics and critical vocals. Edged tunes for basement parties and illegal ramshackle discos. The restless sound of this science-fiction-like 2020. Dance till you drop is the key message as Armageddon is just around the corner.

Get up and shake down…


(Promo photo via a band’s member father. Thanks dad)

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