This Day And Age Rage – ‘SKALLYWAG’ By Junk Punks THE HELL BEINGS

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 October 2020

Junk punks THE HELL BEINGS, probably the loudest band of the classic
Mods vs Teddy Boys clash city Brighton are back with a new hammer blow
titled SKALLYWAG..

A brutal beast, a clamorous in-your-face punch. No meditations about the birds
and the bees for this DIY trio. Only rage about this day and age. And like all genuine
punk bands do, they limit their loudmouthed swipes to the length of an average
Ramones blitzkrieg bop. Why doing a Pink Floyd marathon if you can be loud and
clear in 135 sweaty seconds? Hell yeah!

Skallywag skallywag
Virulent skallywag
This day and age
Youtube the rage
Maybe you seen just big enough
Size of bus
Fool and his love

Download for free right here…


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