Lust For Life – Post Punk Misfits P.E. Want To Be Your DOG And BOYFRIEND

New sonic impulses

22 October 2020

P.E is the band that emerged from the ashes of New York’s post punk band
Pill who joined forces with members from Eaters. Last March they released
their first, notable, full-length work called Person.

Now they follow that effort with a double A-side single. Two covers,
one by the Ramones and one by Iggy and his Stooges

“We started working on cover songs in preparation for the tour dates to support
our debut LP Person. ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ was the first one. ‘I Wanna Be Your
Boyfriend’ is the first fruit of our remote recording labor, the perfect foil, and flip-
side of desire to ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’. We dedicate these songs to all those looking
for a special cutie(s) in the midst of a global pandemic; we hope you find some
said the band in a press statement.

Here’s their erotic take on I WANNA BE YOUR DOG.
It’s a sexy and saxy slo-mo version. Creepy and doggish,
sultry and Halloween-ish sounding like sonic foreplay.
Lust for life is the message.

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The Pill days (pic by Turn Up The Volume! Ghent, Belgium, 2019)

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