BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN For President – New Longplayer ‘LETTER TO YOU’ Will Make America Great Again

23 October 2020

Released: 23 October 2020

NME says: “The Boss’ triumphant 20th album features three songs he wrote in his 20s, the
rest grappling with age and mortality… It’s a message that Springsteen returns to almost 40 years later on the meditative ‘Letter To You’, his triumphant 20th album. The question now, though, as Springsteen hits his 70s and watches good friends and family members pass away, is: do they actually? Where he once sang of the mortality of fictional characters, it’s now that much closer to home. That he seems a touch overwhelmed is no surprise… It’s also his best work in 20 years…A powerful synthesis of past and present, ‘Letter To You’ shows us the strength that can be found in sorrow. The result is Springsteen’s finest album since 2002’s ‘The Rising’.”

Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Bruce Springsteen: “I love the sound of the E Street Band playing completely live in the studio, in a way we’ve never done before, and with no overdubs. We made the album in only five days, and it turned out to be one of the greatest recording experiences I’ve ever had.”

Turn Up The Volume: “The Boss for president.”

Key lines: “I’m alive / I can feel the blood shiver in my bones /
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own.”
– lines from Ghosts

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