Dreaming In Psychedelic Colors – Float Away With New LP ‘GOLDEN REPAIR’ By SUNSTACK JONES

25 October 2020

Who: Psychedelic squad from the UK

Album: GOLDEN REPAIR – the band’s 4th LP
Released: 9 October 2020

Info: “Golden Repair is the bands fourth LP & the first to be released by Mai 68 Records. Formed from sprawling jams during soundchecks & rehearsals, lyrics & harmonies. worked out during long van journeys whilst on tour with US Alt-rock stalwarts Buffalo Tom, the result is a record that is more than the sum of its parts; five friends as a collective, playing in a room, together.”

Key references: Buffalo Springfield / The Byrds / The Sundays / Nick Drake / Syd Barrett
Spiritualized / Verve / Mazzy Star / Big Star / Ride / Acetone / Galaxie 500

Turn Up The Volume‘s experience: Imagine you’re in the Californian desert watching
a non-stop 24-hour rock festival with The Grateful Dead, the Eagles (playing Tequila Sunrise), The Beach Boys and The Brian Jonestown Massacre performing when the sun comes up. You feel tired but blissful, weary but on cloud nine, sleepy while dreaming in psychedelic colors. These images popped up on my private cinema screen in my mind while listening to this twilight zone longplayer. A melancholic journey all the way. Close your eyes and float away.

Singles/clips: How It All Went Down / Glass Boat



Stream/buy full album here…


Tequila sunrise in the UK…

(photo via Press Pack band)

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