Manchester Punks THE BATTERY FARM Storm Again With New Alarming Single ‘MAGGOT LINE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 October 2020

MAGGOT LINE is the fifth single by blaze and rage
punks THE BATTERY FARM out of Manchester.

It’s a serrated razor-sharp hammer blow “about the climate crisis
and the economical apartheid that will occur as a result of it, which
will ultimately enable the rich to have the resources to shield themselves
from the worst effects of climate breakdown while the poor are left to suffer.”

It’s also the lead single from their
debut EP Endless Unstoppable Pain,
out 27th November.

From the first boiling riffs on it’s full steam ahead with layers of
scorching guitars, a merciless drum beat, and red-hot fulminating
spits and sneers. Like the 1-2-3-4 Ramones‘ blitzkrieg craziness, but
nastier and with twice as many decibels. An alarming 2020 warning!

“We all gonna die and it’s all our fault.”

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