Hypnotic Glam Groove – Listen To ‘HOT MONEY’ By CHILDREN OF THE STATE

New sonic vibrations

27 October 2020

Band: CHILDREN OF THE STATE (Yorkshire/Manchester)

Who: Somewhere between Steely Dan and total annihilation of the human
species, blending 70s glam rock, 60s nostalgia and electronica influences.

Track: HOT MONEY – from the band’s upcoming EP titled, take a deep breath,
‘Tragic Carpet And The Magical Wasp From Notre Dame’
, out 20th November.

Score: This hip-shaking groove spiced with sultry sax snippets is what you need
to get through another bloody corona day. The track’s relentless, hypnotic glam
beat creeps slowly but surely into your worrying mind and works instantly on your imagination. Trust me, a couple of spins and you’ll be hooked. Now raise your middle finger to that nasty virus.

Feel the glow here…


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