Smells Like Kurt Cobain’s Ghost Wandering Around – Listen To Brand New Dark Single ‘FOR DAZE’ By FAUX MACHISMO

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

31 October 2020


Who: A two-piece performing stoner-witch-doom-grunge and hail from the fringes
of Leeds’ city centre. A combination downbeat, sludgy guitar riffs with scuzzy, opiatic
drum beats, the duo’s musical output is uncomplicated. That’s not to say it isn’t frank, assertive and incredibly direct.

Pick: FOR DAZE – new single “written by the two-piece in late 2019, the song muses
the lyricist’s sense of isolation and hopelessness that was once felt. Yet, as they persevered throughout the pains of growing up, they’ve arrived at a point where they can reflect on
what they’ve accomplished many years later.”

Score: Passion, desperation, devotion, distress and heartache. All these keywords are associated with the late great Kurt Cobain. Also the perfect keywords for this anxiety-driven outburst making your hair in the back of your neck stand up. Haunting groovy guitar riffs move with a burning pace, forth and back. Strong, emotive vocals drag you to the dark side of your soul, and the exploding full-grunge chorus messes up your mind. Smells like heart-shaped box melodrama to me.


Find out for yourself here…


FAUX MACHISMO: Facebook / Label: Muzia records

(images via Muzai records)

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