Uno Due Tre Quattro – Raw Italy Punkettes SMALLTOWN TIGERS Share New Video Clip

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

3 November 2020

Last April three Italian Riot grrls called SMALLTOWW TIGERS unleashed their mad for it debut album titled FIVE THINGS. A retro rock ‘n’ roll race combining the bravado of the Runaways, the Blitzkrieg riffs of the Ramones and the anarchistic approach of The Stooges

As live gigs around the globe were canceled due to that
vicious virus Smalltown Tigers also had to annul their tour.

“It has been a rough year for everybody. Here in the Tigers’ den we just think we owe all you dedicated followers and fans some update about the situation. Because of the pandemic, we postponed our UK gigs from May to November. Then because of ongoing restrictions, we had
to cancel them altogether. It is hard for us to stay away from the road. We all hope that the situation could be back to normal in 2021 so we could come back strong and play in any club that would be willing to have us. Other than that, we are already working on a new album for release next year.”
says the disappointed trio in a statement.

With free time on their hands the band decided to shoot a clip for
one of the LP’s raw highlights, rollikcing ripsnorter DARLING PLEASE!.

Uno Due Tre Quattro, here we go…

SMALLTOWN TIGERS: Facebook / Label: Area Pirata

Debut album FIVE THINGS available via Bandcamp

(band pic via MuleFreedom PR UK)

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