Riff-Loaded Blues Rock Firestarter – New Single ‘SHRUG IT’ By LEFT ON THE DIAL

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

10 November 2020


Who: Toronto-based rock band with a multifaceted nature coming from shades of different genres, from classic and southern rock and blues from the 60s, to 90s grunge and 2000s garage rock, and everything in between.

Key references: Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton,
QOTSA, Tom Petty, Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Track: SHRUG IT OFF – new single and closing track of their fresh 6-track EP (listen below) titled Broacast“It tells a story of fighting through the challenges of online bullying. Full of emotional lyrics and strong message that things will be alright.”

Score: You want to shrug off your lockdown frustration? Get out of your bed, kick your stereo’s ass, turn the decibels up and go through the roof with this riff-loaded firestarter.

I know, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but you’ll bloody like it when this riff-loaded beast explodes after a fuzzy psych intro. From there on these rollicking devils do your head in with a boiling quiet/loud roller coaster, a puissant chorus, and some solo guitar extravaganza
à la Johnny Winters while impassioned vocals impress your ears. Get my drift, wall-bangers? Put on your blues suede boots and shake your moneymaker, right here…

Their EP Broadast in full…


(photos via Presstown PR)

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