Montreal’s Other-Wordly Rockers SUUNS Back With Hypnotizing EP

16 November 2020

After their outlandish 2018 album Felt Montreal’s puzzling
art-rockers return with a new 6-track EP called FICTION.

Every time I hear Suuns images of science-fiction movies pop up on my film
screen in my head. Check tracks Look, Death and Trouble Every Day and
you’ll find out what I mean. Be ready for some close encounters of the third

My standout piece is PRAY. A spooky jam with a Kraftwerk-like intro and echoing
vocals. As the multi-layered groove goes on and synths have a fight with chainsaw
guitars you can feel the tension growing. Spine-chilling, nightmarish and eldritch.
I love it!

Pray here…

Full EP…

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(pic by Turn Up The Volume!)

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