Talking About This Generation – Scottish Gunslingers PIZZA CRUNCH Release Electrifying Debut EP ‘OFF THEIR HEADS’

17 November 2020

Band: PIZZA CRUNCH (Glasgow, Scotland)
Who: Taking influences from early ’00s indie rock, bands like The Arctic Monkeys
and The Strokes, Pizza Crunch have developed their own alt-rock sound, combining
honest storytelling with the raw energy of punk.

EP: OFF THEIR HEADS – 3-track debut EP

Ewan Hearns (frontman) says: “It reflects a period of life rife with hedonism that most young people experience, hence the name “Off Their Heads”. “Fraud” very much takes you through the peak of the recklessness, “Twelve Month Seasonal Depression” has a look at the consequences and “La Tour De Carol” is written about a place I went two years ago after we went there as a band. It sort of looks back, acknowledging we didn’t appreciate its beauty enough. A bit like all those years we spent blindly pished.”

Turn Up the Volume says: It must be terrible to be young in these antisocial corona times. You can’t go to the pub and have a drinking-contest with your friends. You can’t go and see your fav football team. You can’t kiss your partner with that mouth mask on and keeping a safe distance when having sex is not fun either. You get tired about watching telly 24/7 and your parents beg you to go out in the garden and leave them in peace for a while. Boring, indeed.

But hey wait. It’s your turn to push your parents into the garden. Just do it, take a six-pack or two, pump up your stereo to the max and check these Scottish garage gunslingers out, going off their heads. Hallelujah! Wham Bam Bloody Bam!

Right here, right now

PIZZA CRUNCH: Facebook / Label: Disobedient Records

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