Enigmatic Waves – Take A SECOND To Discover The New Sound-Exploring EP By FIRST

18 November 2020


First is a two-piece electro project consisting of electronic musician Pieter Vochten and singer/musician Jasmin Smolders balancing between rough and fragile elements. With their industrial beats, eclectic synths, and clear sounds they capture a dark atmosphere with references to Fever Ray and Crystal Castles. They just released their new EP called Second.


From Lykke Li echoes backed by a slo-mo wall of Nine-Inch-Nails drones to primal goosebumps screams, from ethereal waves embedded in sonic film-noir orchestrations
to enigmatic chants. Mysterious, spiritual, and outlandish like a starry-eyed Odyssey in space. If this EP was a movie it would be a David Lynch one with a 21st Century Kate Bush
as the diva in the middle. When you enter First‘s universe, open your mind and ears and just see/hear what happens. It’s pretty special. It’s pretty enigmatic.

THE TRACKS introduced by singer JASMIN

RESTLESS: “The mesmerizing drums from the beginning to the end of the song and the eclectic synths give a rushed, restless energy, so as in the name. The song is intense, but all drums are needed for the hurried authentic feeling. During the first lockdown I listened a lot to The Soft Moon, his sound was a big influence for this second EP.”

DESIRE: “I love the open space in the beginning of the song. Desire builds up so beautifully. At the end we almost finished the song, but Pieter made some last adjustments, when I heard the song again it blew my mind, I thought it was beautiful and delicate, but also bold and dark. It remains in the same atmosphere but the constructive structure does not bore the song.”

CONTROL: “Control starts with some intense screaming in an open space. It was written just before the lockdown and was the start for the second EP. At that moment it was already clear to me that the sound of this second EP would be much bolder and harsh.”

SLOWLY: “A song that is softer and clear in sound. All songs where much harder, but slowly is a perfect ending to process the intense impressions of the previous songs.


Second is available along with their debut First EP
digitally and as a double cassette via Bandcamp

FIRST: Facebook

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