Ear-Gasms Guaranteed – ‘FUTURE ANACHRONISMS’ By Noise Force FILIBUSTER

19 November 2020

(Artwork by Aras)

Band: FILIBUSTER (Antwerp, Belgium)
Who: A ragtag collection of classical, avant-garde, jazz, punk and metal musicians, dedicated to anything that falls under the common denominator of pretty noise. Their sound is situated somewhere in the middle of 80’s and 90’s guitar music, combining the tendency of post-punk/noise pioneers to break form and alt-rock/shoegaze’s slacker philosophy to just play songs and immerse themselves into a raw guitar sound. With moody, introspective songwriting and mellow but frantic riffing, the result is a kind of bipolar, nostalgic-fatalistic noise pop. Designed to comfort and annoy, push, and drag.

Released: 5 May 2020

Key references: Sonic Youth, Dinosaur JR, Flipper, Hey Colossus, Mcclusky, Pixies

Turn Up The Volume: From clamorous emo outbursts to schizophrenic guitar jams,
from slash and trash rippers to amplified borderline belters, from reflective swing moods to chainsaw electricity. I guess you get my drift? This pretty insane record is what you need to ventilate your lockdown frustrations, to kick that awful coronavirus in its balls and to annoy neighbors who like bully Trump. Listen to it in your isolation room without your mouth mask on, the decibels turned up and a bottle of Jack Daniels close by.

Ear-gasms guaranteed.

Key singles: Gee / The World Is Dying I Just Wanna Feel Love

– GEE –


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