Electro Pop Sensuality In Motion – ‘WORKING ON A TRAIN’ By EULENE

19 November 2020

New York-born, and now Nashville based pop artist EULENE
releases her new self-titled EP on 11th December.

The first single WORKING ON A TRAIN is a spot-on triumph.

It’s “a concept song and metaphor for the power of passion, perseverance and
stamina to beat the odds that I felt were piling up against me. To keep moving
forward, staying true to my passion, which is where my power lives. I hope this
song inspires others to keep moving forward “over steep ways to the stars.”
Eulene about the song.

If you like Björk, M.I.A, Lorde and Grimes you’ll definitely like Working On A Train.
A tremendous electronic stomper pushed by a deep bass beat, making you move
in seductive ways. Eulene‘s voice is the vitalizing heroine in the middle. Tantalizing,
frisky, and full of desire. Sensuality in motion. Don’t miss this train!

Move your hips here…

EULENE: Facebook

Photos by @wearema2la, received via Playground UK PR

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