Out Today! New Album ‘NIGHT NETWORK’ By Indie Rockers THE CRIBS

20 November 2020

Band: THE CRIBS (West Yorkshire, UK)
Active: Since 2001

Album: NIGHT NETWORK – 8th full length
Released: 20 November 2020

NME writes: The Wakefield brothers have pulled through some tough times and emerged recharged and back on their strongest form… While the album’s indie and punkier moments
do revitalise the record’s energy, there isn’t a sense of pining for that “classic Cribs sound” whenever the band do decide to explore other songwriting avenues… Even being able to speculate positively about The Cribs’ future should be a cause of celebration these days, given that the band were so recently considering calling it a day. But this album gives ample reason
to be cheerful going forward, and the trio now have a genuine shot at being a force in their
own right in this new decade… “Night Network’ isn’t the sound of a run-down band staggering towards the finish line. Far from it – The Cribs have just embarked on a victory lap.”

Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: NME is a bit overexcited and generous (again) when it comes to bands they championed from day one. This record sounds like if The Beach Boys were a 90s indie rock band. Good, but not good enough to be a memorable album. My 3/5 score sounds more realistic.

Tune in…

THE CRIBS: Facebook

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