Mad 2020 Paranoia – Canadian Misfit TODOR O With Mental Single ‘FIX’

25 November 2020

TODOR O is an experimental electronic artist from Ontario, Canada. He describes his sound as adventurous, lyrical, detailed, intense and progressive. He mashes up different styles in his current works, including Black Metal, Folk, Electronic and Experimental.

His new single Fix from his multidimensional 6-track EP titled
No Forgiveness will confuse your mind and your ears.

This is probably the maddest piece of music I heard all year. Scary heavy-breathing, intimidating percussion, creepy ‘I need it‘ screams, overall hair-raising noise and exorcistic pain petrify you. After the first spin I had no clue what happened, I just thought that this claustrophobic outburst was recorded with the author crammed in a straitjacket. To be honest, a couple of spins later and I still have no clue.

Mad 2020 paranoia! Mental stuff!

Get scared here…

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