QUARANTINE DREAM: Fourteen Choice Cuts From Central Oklahoma’s Rock Underground Vol. 2

27 November 2020

Album: A new – volume 2 – small, but comprehensive cross-section of the
Oklahoma rock scene
brought to you by music junks Wicked Shimmies

Sound: From full-charged stoner rock to inflamed blues electricity, from
sharp-teethed punk dynamics to sizzling garage blasts, from steamy rock ‘n’
roll to sweaty boogie-woogie liveliness. All delivered with an authentic DIY
spirit, an insatiable lust for licks-hooks-riffs, and a deep-rooted love for
fuzz and buzz uproar. Xmas fun for the whole family! Hells Jingle Bells!

Participants in crime:
(click on the artist name for more info):

Rainbow Tongue
Wax Vandal
Yves Project
The Fills
Köbra Käi
The Danner Party
Fire Bad!
The Constanzas
Less Love
The Black Powder Charlies
Wicked Shimmies
Hollow Ghosts

Stream/buy the party here…


For more family fun…

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