MAXÏMO PARK Scores Big Time With New Steaming Stunner ‘I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING’

28 November 2020

Newcastle upon Tyne rockers MAXÏMO PARK score again new
steaming stunner from their upcoming, seventh album titled
NATURE ALWAYS WIN (let’s really hope so), out next February.
You can pre-order here.

“Last time we wanted to make more political music, but we also didn’t want
to rely on the cliches of it being a punk record. We wanted to do something
you could dance to but also think about what you’re dancing to, which is
more of a post-punk or punk-funk sort of ideal…

With this one, I’ve become a parent over the past four years and the other guys
in the band have got kids as well and I didn’t want to ignore it but I also didn’t
want it to be the central aspect of the record because I want the record to be
open to all”
says spearhead Paul Smith about the new record.

After the previously shared splendid, reflective pieces Baby, Sleep
and Child Of The Flatlands (listen/watch below) ringleader Smith
climbs, higher and higher, upon the ladder with steaming stunner

The song is “about taking responsibility for how your own behaviour can affect
other people, and how nobody knows it all, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.
More personally, it’s about the fears and self-doubt I’ve experienced as a new parent.”

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing is an instant rollicking-guitar-crazy stormer. An agitated
and keyed-up ripsnorter on the run with an adrenaline-fueled chorus triggering your jump up-and-down button. One of the most intense rockers I heard all year. Bang-on big time! The proud fathers did it, again!

Going up

The two previously shared cuts…



On the road in 2021


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