Misty Winter Song – Here’s New Somber Single ‘BLOOD’ By THE BANKROBBER

29 November 2020

With only two singles it was a relatively calm year for Italian
synth-pop songsmiths THE BANKROBBER with siblings Oberti.

Last June they released the intriguing and darksome saga I.A.M.N.A.Y.A.M.D (Always
In My Nightmare)
and to say goodbye to 2020 they just shared new moody emo ballad, titled BLOOD.

Starting with a short repetitive intro of ah ah ah’s bringing Laurie Anderson‘s 1981
hit O Superman to mind, you instantly enter a twilight zone with dreamy atmospherics, weeping guitars and poetical, alternating male/female vocals. A shadowy, somber, and pitchy meditation, a misty winter song, a double-edged candlelight beauty.

Listen here…


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