Psych-Chilling Standout – New Hypnotic Single ‘GET A GRIP’ By Groove And Move Duo FERAL FIVE

1 December 2020

As proven several times in the past London’s electro-pop duo FERAL FIVE is the ideal
act to fill a dance floor. Their high-energy disco inferno bangers set your body aflame.

With brand new bewitching stroke GET A GRIP the thrilling duo turns into a psych-chilling sensation. The exotic Eastern-echoes intro sets the trance-like tone from the kick-off. The track’s multi-layered slo-mo progression resonates like an electronic pungi tune making you move like a hissing snake coming out of its basket. Both enigmatic and sensual.

This is what happens when trippy guitars and cinematic synth-scapes join forces. Add Kat Five‘s echoing vocals accentuating that you can’t mess with her and you know what time it is. Yes, time to reclaim power. Time to stand up. Time to be yourself.

Once again Kat and Drew make clear why they’re here. To move and groove, to stir and seduce, to tempt and entertain. Once upon a time, The Stranglers tried to get a grip, but I like Feral Five‘s grip better.

Here’s why

Lots of Feral Five on Bandcamp

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

The eye-catching artwork on top is by illustrator JAKe Detonator (Star Wars books, The Prodigy, Krafty Kutz).

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