SLEAFORD MODS Hit Hit Hit – Listen To Their New Slam ‘SHORTCUMMINGS

New sonic fuel…

3 December 2020

Rap punks SLEAFORD MODS dropped a second
cut from the upcoming album Spare Ribs.

The new slam is about Dominic Cummings ,
the former right-hand of British prime-minister
Boris Johnson. He’s a manic Brexit fan.

Jason Williamson , one of the Mods said: “I wrote the lyrics to “Shortcummings”
in late 2019 after becoming annoyed by Dominic Cummings’ increased unelected
presence. The arrogance of the privileged generally leads to short, shortshort, short,
short cummings in a momentary centre stage at the cost of untold human misery
and exploitation of public money.”

Hit, hit, hit, Mods …


New album SPARE RIBS – out 15 January 2021

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