Black Sabbath Banger – Here’s Brand New Single ‘DOOM GENERATION’ By TABLE SCRAPS

12 December 2020

Oh my, oh my! Drone.Drone.Drone! 2021 is waiting just around the corner but just like that Birmingham’s trash and crash mavericks TABLE SCRAPS manage to do our lockdown heads in with one of the killer corkers I heard all year. Black Sabbath fronted by Courtney Love. Holy crap!

Scream it out loud: Doom, Doom Generation, Doom! This is a massive tune, a massive banger, a massive warning! An intimidating brain-breaker, a deafening we-all-go-to-hell sledgehammer. Humanity races to its destruction as we know it. We’re on the point of
no return. The Apocalypse is so Now!

Deadly pandemics, corrupt politics, and far-right-fanatics will seal our fate
and Table Scraps know exactly how that sounds and looks like – yes great
artwork and fun South Park like video clip too.

Let the sirens blare…


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