MUZZ Fronted By PAUL BANKS Move With Starry-Eyed Xmassy COVERS EP

16 December

MUZZ is the collaborative project of Paul Banks (Interpol’s voice), Matt Barrick (drummer of The Walkmen), and Josh Kaufman (multi-instrumentalist). Three friends who met in the New York City post-punk revival scene of the early 2000s.

Back in June, they released their self-titled debut LP.
A five-star balladry album said Turn Up The Volume.

Joining the long 2020 line-up of artists covering other artists, Muzz released their covers of four romantic oldies last week, collected on an EP called simply COVERS. The starry-eyed crooner vox of Paul Banks is just perfect for these four moody beauties. Heart-warming, tender, and calming. These are the ones I want to play during this festive Xmas season, instead of the classic trite Christmas carols.

Here the four covered songs (click the titles for the original version):

Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart by Arthur Russel
Girl From The North Country by Bob Dylan
Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
For You by Tracy Chapman

Muzz‘s soul-stirring live version of Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart

Dim the lights, sit down,
relax and enjoy the full EP

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