Darksome Video Clip For Darksome Reverie – ‘BLOOD’ By THE BANKROBBER

18 December 2020

Italian synth-guitar popsters THE BANKROBBER, led by siblings
Oberti, released a new hazy single called BLOOD, a couple of
weeks ago.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “Starting with a short repetitive intro of
ah ah ah’s bringing Laurie Anderson‘s 1981 hit O Superman to mind, you
instantly enter a twilight zone with dreamy atmospherics, weeping guitars
and poetical, alternating male/female vocals. A darksome, somber, and
pitchy meditation, a misty winter song, a double-edged candlelight beauty.”

Now they have a clip out for the track. Special visuals as usual…


Italian beauty in synth-motion…

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

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