24 December 2020

U.S. GIRLS scored big time with their seventh album called Heavy Light
this year. Pitchfork said euphorically: “Another vivid and highly affecting
album of experimental pop music.”

But the Toronto ladies led by Meghan Remy are not really fond of that
Ho Ho Ho man dressed in red, with his messy beard, who comes around
every single year in December.

“When one stops to really think about it, Santa is creepy
and Christmas makes no damn sense.”
says Remy

Go home, Santa

Santa, stay home
This is not a test
Not a test
Santa, stay home
Santa, stay home
Get to know yourself
Know yourself
I can’t have you coming in my house, no
I don’t know what you’re all about
Gently push it, push it more, oh, oh
It’s like the news don’t reach the North Pole
Year after year
Nice and naughty, shock the planet to tears
Life is the gift
Presents don’t, presents don’t mean shit

Where is he?

(cover new album Heavy Light)

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