Reveries for the laziest day of the week

27 December 2020

Who: An Australian songwriter. She lives in Nashville, TN with the British
cult musician Robin Hitchcock. A gifted singer inspired by Sandy Denny,
Marianne Faithfull
and a plethora of dead poets.

Album: BLONDE ON THE TRACKS – debut LP honoring legend Bob Dylan.
(Blonde on Blonde / Blood on the Tracks)
Released: 18 August 2020

Emma Swift: “The album was born out of crisis and made with care, tenderness and hope.
If I am being completely honest, the making of the record was enough for me. But to have people enjoy it and talk about it really is a heart combusting experience.”

Turn Up The Volume: My all-time favorite singer-songwriter Bob Dylan had a vision. On
his eternal wander, without a home, vagabonding like a rolling stone, he heard a singing angel, blowin’ in the wind. He wondered how his tangled up in blue songs would resonate if her nightingale voice would embrace them. The gorgeous angel accepted the challenge and impressed the famous tramp with her beatific and crystal timbre. He turned around and continued his never-ending tour on the rough and rowdy route with a big smile on his face as the mysterious angel made him feel forever young.

Enjoy angel Emma

EMMA SWIFT: Facebook

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