Detroit Punks WE ARE THE UNION About Their Holidays Job – ‘I’M WORKING RETAIL FOR CHRISTMAS”

27 December 2020

Imagine Green Day with long white beards, Weezer with a sack full of lousy presents and Blink-1982 disguised as gabba gabba hey Santas. Oh, and they’re all boozed up, just like
you are during this festive lockdown season. Got the picture?

Now stumble to your stereo and turn the volume way up to play Detroit punks WE ARE THE UNION so the police, who have their station a couple of blocks away, can hear you.

The challenge is: how long will it take them to track you down, arrest you and throw you in jail. Exciting, right? You betcha! And so much more fun than working for retail these days.

Ho ho ho

I’m working retail for Christmas
Kids screaming, parents get mad
I’m working retail for Christmas
Suddenly hell don’t seem so bad


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