What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? Ask Rap Ranters PUBLIC ENEMY

31 December 2020

Band: Public Enemy

Album: What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?
The gangs 15th LP with a long cast of guests: Cypress Hill, Mike D
and Ad Rock, Run DMC, Nas, Rhapsody, Ice-T, James Bomb,
and more.

Released: 25 September 2020

Chuck D. said: “My battle is with Trump – to look at this guy that I’ve known since
the early ‘80s. I’m from New York and I’ve seen all his bullshit and the mind games
that he’s played on the country and the world. He’s just got to go. If the world can’t
stand him and half the country can’t stand him, then why is he there?”

NME said: Still bringing the noise after being in the game for over 30 years,
this album is Public Enemy’s best effort since 1998’s ‘He Got Game’. Continuing
to hold leaders accountable in a time when it’s truly needed, the group’s fearless
expressions of truth sound right at home pinned to a jet-fuelled backdrop of rip-
roaring beats that hammer your eardrums and capture everything hip-hop should
stand for.”
– Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume said: The uncontested kings of rap came back from never
being away. They’re still razor-in-your-face-sharp gangbusters and non-stop-free-
spoken ranters. They’re still fighting the corrupt power, they’re still the voice for
millions of their oppressed brothers and sisters. Hail hail!

PE also topped Turn Up The Volume‘s best-knockout-tracks-of-2020 list
with the loud and crystal clear ripper State Of The Union

Public Enemy matter!
Black lives matter!

Here’s why…


(PE green press photo via FB PE)

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