Bad Year For Megalomaniacs – TRUMP Is DUMPED And BORIS Is BUMPED

31 December 2020

It was really a bad year for me-myself-and-I megalomaniacs. First Donald Duck Trumpet was dumped by the American people because he didn’t make the land of opportunities great again – the sociopath split it right down the middle – and now Bojo the Clown is bumped by LEG PUPPY, the underground Joker mouthpiece for the British fuck-you-Boris movement.

To avoid fake misunderstandings LEG PUPPY just issued an official statement. According to the puppies the honorable Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a BIG POSH PRICK.

For further explicit details check this last pick of the day of the year 2020…

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

See you next year, wackos

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