DAMNABLY RECORDS Celebrates Its 14th Birthday With A Tremendous-Must-Hear-Now Free Compilation

4 January 2021

DAMNABLY is a London based Record Label, Management & Publishing company
that also puts on Gigs all over the UK, books Europe-wide Tours. Established in 2006.

To celebrate its 14th anniversary the label collected its super-duper roster
of thrilling indie artists for a free compilation called Damnably Famnably.

It’s a tremendous must-hear-now-extravaganza of kick-ass punk, jaunty jingle-jangle pop, metal max madness, rollicking rock roars, and anything you may expect from a 5-stars indie label. 22 Artists, 22 Knockouts !. Damn bloody cool!

Stream/download the whole
shebang right here, right now…

DAMNABLY: FacebookBandcamp

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