First Wacko Track Of 2021 – Here’s BENEDICT SINISTER

4 January 2021


Who: A French/Australian music artist, producer, poet and video creator. Sinister chooses to conceal his face, preferring to take a back seat to the other artists that he pays homage to in his work. “I seek invisibility in order to make my idols more visible,” he says. “I’m not interested in taking the limelight for myself. I don’t want or need fame. I’m a modest vessel channeling the genius of others.”


Score: Did you know you can cure depression with heroin and Debbie Harry song rhymes? Well, you’ll know now. This is crack-ing fun! Cynicism and sarcasm rolled into one. Sounds like somebody can’t take the lockdown blues anymore, jumped into the new straitjacket he got as a New Year’s present from his neighbours who are totally tired of him, and sings with a doomed voice from his isolation cell in psycho hell. Move over Daft Punk! Here’s the real mask deal!

I will give you my finest hour
The one I spent watching you shower
I will give you my finest hour, oh yeah


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