Metallic Grandeur With BOAF And Their Brand New Titanic Single ‘FEAR’

6 January 2021

Band: BOAF

Who: Mettalic-two-piece from Belgium

Pick: FEAR – 4th single

Message: “To become more self-aware, to re-evaluate your own
inner thoughts and visions and to understand that the only way out
is to work together and don’t let artificial fears get a hold of you. “

Score: I know they look like nice guys but just imagine the orchestral
tempestuousness of Metallica entwined with the burning passion of
Soundgarden and you’ll know what BOAF is all about.

Fear is a quietLOUDquiet giant as impressive as the cathedral of
Notre-Dame de Paris (before the fire). Majestic metallic grandeur
and feverish glow. Huge wall-of-thunder-and-lighting sound!

Stream/buy here…

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