Flabbergasting Debut – ‘WASTELAND: WHAT AILS OUR PEOPLE IS CLEAR’ By Bristol Daredevils LICE

9 January 2021

Band: LICE
Who: A band marrying a complex new sound, incorporating industrial,
minimalism and prog, influenced by Bristol’s vital avant-garde scene.

Released: 8 January 2021

Info:: It’s a concept album written as a piece of experimental short fiction, taking cues
from the likes of Brian Catling, William Burroughs and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The story in itself
has been a massive undertaking for the band which has taken the best part of two years
to put together.

The band describes the album as “a wild Burroughsian cat-and-mouse adventure, melding science-fiction and magical realism to call for a revolution in satirical music. Arguing that by unsettling the conventional forms of the song lyric, politicised music can step beyond ‘good versus evil’ narratives to promote more nuanced popular discourse around the implicit forms
of bias and iniquity that ail us”.

Turn Up The Volume says: Listen up, folks! This is a flabbergasting debut with an astounding impact. Imagine those two other past/present Bristol gangs, wayward
post-punks The Pop Group and punching punks Idles, spending a couple of weeks
in quarantine together with Frank Zappa‘s whole catalog as an inexhaustible source
of inspiration. The final result would be unpredictable, but definitely spectacular, just
like this mind-and-head-spinning tour de force! It’s not just a rock record, it’s a five-star jaw-dropper! Don’t miss it! It’s already one of the bets debuts of 2021.

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