The Moment Of America’s Reckoning – Hear ‘FIRST SHOT MISSES’ By Chicago Force WRONG WAR

9 January 2021


Who: Experienced 4-piece formed in 2019, playing blistering,
politically-charged punk rock in a time when we need it most.

Track: FIRST SHOT MISSES – boisterous highlight from their
rackety debut LP Fixed Against Forever.

Score: Pretty scary when you know this rip-roaring punk torpedo was released
last November but sounds like it was written and recorded just after the recent,
deadly Capitol Hill invasion by Trump’s white supremacy army. Today First Shot
resonates like the ultimate rescue warning for a country that’s split down
the middle, the past four years, by an evil rabble-rouser who only served himself
and nobody else. Impeach the sociopath!

Ride out the day,
Consider it a warning
Few notes that you bray
In violence we’re drowning

There’s no doubt that this
is America’s moment of reckoning

Video edited by Bryan Dinello using footage from
the 1982 short film Pink Triangles Rising.

full album here…

WRONG WAR: Facebook

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